During many years of work and research by the MDRG (Motorcycle Dynamics Research Group) several prototypes have been developed, design and built as part of different thesis and PhD programs, among many these can be considered the most relevant:

  • A three-wheeled vehicle with internal combustion engine for urban mobility,
  • A three-wheeled vehicle with an electric engine that won the 2008 “Formula Electric and Hybrid Italy”,
  • VICTORIA: a motorcycle with a 1000cc, air cooled engine, inspired on the ones that compete in the Super Twin Championship, that have been tested on the Circuit of Monza by one of the most talented tester of the magazine “Motociclismo”
  • the algorithm, heart of the innovative D-Air Dainese tecnology, able to predict an imminent fall and therefore able to prevent serious injury from a severe accident

In December 2014, a group of enthusiastic students founded a new racing team named “Quartodilitro” with the intent of developing and building a new, innovative motorbike and keep this great streak of great achievements alive.

In the field of cycling the University of Padua boasts an illustrious past. Already in 1893 Prof. Enrico Bernardi applied to a normal bicycle a small engine, half- horse of power, mounted on the back of a cart. It can be considered the inventor of the first Italian moped. From 1895 to 1898 he patented various devices related to engines, focusing on cooling and transmission systems.

In 1986, collecting the spiritual heritage of the innovative prof. Bernardi, in Padua was established a research group willing to study and research the dynamics of two-wheeled vehicles.