The next generation of engineers will have a challenging competition

Moto Engineering Foundation & TechnoPark MotorLand promote the MotoStudent Competition, a challenge between University Student teams among all over the world.
The goal is to design, manufacture and evaluate a racing motorbike prototype, which is then put to the test and final evaluation at the Motorland Aragón Circuit. There are two categories:
- Petrol, with a 250 cc 4 stroke engine
- Full electric.
The competition itself represents a challenge to the students. They will have to prove their creativity and innovation skills to directly apply their engineering abilities against other teams from universities all over the world during a period of three semesters/terms.

Competition Objectives

The teams are asked to play the role of a motorbike firm, so that they will have to design, manufacture and evaluate a racing motorbike prototype for the non-professional, weekend and competition market. The teams will attempt to sell the motorbikes to the “general public”, as if they were a factory or motorbike firm under the role of any industrial project. Therefore the challenge is not only an engineering based project if not a business model as well.

Aspects as acceleration, braking, handling and durability will be evaluated during the MotoStudent event at MotorLand Aragón Circuit. Additional design factors to be considered include: manufacturability, economic aspects, ergonomics, aesthetics, maintainability, innovation of the design and reliability.

  • The prototypes will be submitted to bench tests, they should comply with the minimum braking requirements, chassis resistance, etc.
  •   A final test will be performed in order to evaluate the driving qualities of the prototype in the main track. For the final evaluation the motorbikes will develop an “engineering race” within the FIM and RFME Racing Regulations in the MotorLand Aragón Circuit.

Each project will be assessed against other competing projects to determine the best overall motorbike.

pista aragon motostudent.jpg