The racing team “quartodilitro” of the University of Padua was born in dicember 2014. The name quartodilitro, which means quarter of liter, was chosen because the Honda petrol engine equipped with the Motostudent kit is a 250cc engine and also because it is the typical way our people refer to a unit of wine served in the traditional “Osteria” (pub).

The bucranium coloured in pompeian red is the team’s logo, it is the symbol of “hospitium bovis” the first building of the university of Padua.

Nowadays it is the icon of the Athletic Department of the University.

The team is composed of about twenty students from different industrial engineering formative programs; the faculty advisor is the professor Vittore Cossalter, who will guide us to reach our goal: building a winning prototype of a racing motorbike and carrying on the excellent tradition of the University of Padua in the automotive field.